Flordeasoka finds the perfect technology for your exchanges and returns.

Flordeasoka, a Spanish footwear brand aimed at all women and especially brides, has found the technology that will facilitate its reverse logistics.


Flordeasoka is the story of a family, of how a mother and her daughters unite their sensitivity, creativity, common sense and knowledge in the creation of a versatile design aimed at all women and especially at brides. They understand the need to unite beauty and comfort, femininity and functionality, without losing an ounce of modernity and thus, their shoes were born.

The Challenge.
At first, the brand did not receive many requests for returns, so the management was manual. However, as their shoes began to gain popularity, these requests inevitably increased and they were faced with a problem they hadn't counted on: the backlog of returned inventory was affecting productivity.

Returns processing was very manual and required a lot of research, leading to delays in both refunding the customer and validating products to put them back in stock where new customers were waiting to buy them. Flordeasoka sought a solution that would free up capacity and also help build a long-term return solution at scale.

Our Approach.
At iF lastmile we understand the need to automate this process, so that products are quickly validated and sorted so that they can be returned to available stock and reduce the time to refund customers.

Our technology is perfectly adapted to this need, maintaining the premium and sophisticated service characteristic of the brand, with a complete and digitised solution. The customer can initiate the request with our digital returns portal, where in two clicks the customer is ready to pick up the product, take it to validation and inform the brand of the status of the item. In turn, the brand will have real-time visibility of the entire process, so they can know the status of their returns and exchange requests at all times. 

The Impact.
iF lastmile's product allowed us to speed up and automate what used to be a very manual returns process. The fast and efficient processing of returns allowed Flordeasoka to get items back in stock faster, resulting in fewer out-of-stocks for future customers.

In addition, the brand now has a single view of its returns lifecycle across all return points. As a result of the new visibility, it can easily identify product issues through return trends, make proactive inventory decisions and pinpoint areas to improve the customer experience.

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    Flordeasoka can continue to focus on the design of its shoes, ensuring that each shoe is unique and has its own identity. Meanwhile, the management of returns and exchanges is in the hands of iF lastmile, which gives the brand the peace of mind of having a process that meets both the brand's own and customers' expectations and aligns with its values.

    "iF lastmile's technology has helped us to significantly improve our returns process from an operational point of view, as well as our customers' experience. It also gives us great visibility into our end-to-end returns network, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers and where we can improve our product," say the brand's creators.