iF lastmile helps Laura Vecino increase her clients' lifetime value by 57%.

Laura Vecino, a premium women's swimwear brand, faces the challenge of managing its returns and exchanges, increasing customer satisfaction.


Laura Vecino is a women's swimwear brand built on values of respect and sustainability both internally and in its impact on society and the environment. 
internally and in its impact on society and the environment. Its designs in neutral colours, simple and sophisticated patterns, pure and minimalist lines are produced entirely in Spain ensuring high quality with recycled components and eco-friendly lycra.

  • The Challenge.
    As a fully consumer-focused premium brand, it wanted to offer a shopping experience that was as satisfying and seamless as possible. This meant taking care of all the aspects in which its customers came into contact with the brand, from the moment they decide to buy one of its products until they get home.
    But Laura Vecino wanted to go further, what happened to those customers who have chosen the wrong size or have finally decided on a different colour? The brand wanted to take care of its customers even after the sale, so that the changes would not be a problem for their community. 

    Despite the fact that sizing in women's clothing has been very elaborate for years, one size more or less in the top or bottom of a bikini can be the key for the customer to look perfect. In this context, the company wanted to be able to offer its customers an easy and agile way to make changes to any of the products in an order.

    Our Approach.
    Laura Vecino's existing returns solution was based on the founders' own management and had met the needs of their customers over the years. But as its sales grew, the brand knew it needed a better way to facilitate exchanges for its customers, who are also loyal customers and like to keep the processes as green as possible.

    The solution proposed by iF lastmile not only allows but also suggests and facilitates product changes, thus reducing returns and optimising the reverse logic. In addition, it allows the customer to select the preferred method of collection or delivery as well as the desired means of reimbursement. It is a process that facilitates exchange in two clicks, without the need for labels and in an environmentally friendly way thanks to the fleet of electric vehicles and the plastic- and labelling-free bagging.

  • The Impact.
    Customers were encouraged to opt for exchanges by reducing returns and increasing purchase frequency, resulting in a 57% improvement in the Lifetime Value of their customers.
    In addition, by implementing iF lastmile's integrated returns portal on its own website, the brand was able to reduce the workload of its customer service centre. Because the process is faster, customers receive refunds in less time, which increases satisfaction exponentially.
    Combined with the technology itself, this led to a more streamlined approach to initiating refunds. Their customers responded positively, reporting customer satisfaction rates of 85%.


    Laura Vecino appreciates the way iF lastmile has gone out of its way to meet any challenges, working closely together to offer customers a better returns and exchange experience. Along with linking to its commitment to sustainability, preventing the brand from losing its values by operating with electric vehicles and eliminating plastic from packaging.

    "iF lastmile is partnering with us to ensure that our customers' post-purchase experience is as positive as the entire pre-purchase process. And that is crucial," concludes Laura Vecino.