Nerety is committed to integrated reverse logistics to reduce return times and increase customer loyalty.

Nerety, Spanish emerging fashion marketplace, detects its problem with the returns process that affects the loyalty of its customers and puts a solution to it.

NeretyNerety is the leading platform for the sale and distribution of fashion items from the best emerging national brands. This Spanish marketplace manages its entire business with the mission of creating something unique and special for everyone, making the consumer feel part of the family.


  • The Challenge.
    Nerety, which is committed to small businesses and seeks to be the most customer-centric company in the world, where customers can find unique and personalised fashion in the same online shop, was at a critical moment for its eCommerce, as there was a very high percentage of customers who returned and did not buy again.

    Thus, it became clear that they needed to find a comprehensive returns solution that would ensure that the returns process was not a source of dissatisfaction for those customers who decided to return a garment.

  • Our Approach.

The Nerety team needed a partner that could offer a customer-oriented returns software that could manage reverse logistics and integrate seamlessly with their systems.
At iF lastmile we studied and analysed the complete return process that a customer had to go through when they wanted to return a product from the marketplace. Thus, we discovered three clear points for improvement:

1. Facilitate the return request process.
2. Increase Nerety's visibility on the status of returns and reduce the dependency on brands.
3. Minimise excessive validation and refund times for customers.

  • The Impact.
    By installing our returns portal we were able to centralise and automate the validation of returned products from brands in order to give Nerety more visibility.
    In this way, the whole process times are reduced and customers can enjoy refunds in less than 48 hours from their return request. In addition, brands receive the stock ready for re-sale in record time.


    The Nerety team is relieved to pass their returns load to a third party they know they can trust, while maintaining full visibility at every stage of the process thanks to iF lastmile's dashboard. They also appreciate the fact that we are committed to reducing pollution, as their operations are run in a responsible, socially and environmentally sustainable way.


    "Thanks to iF lastmile we spend less time verifying and issuing refunds manually. In addition, exchanges and returns are now very simple, making our customers not hesitate to repeat their purchase with us," conclude the founders of Nerety.