The IQ Home Collection

IQ HOME is a decorative brand that unites sustainability and craftsmanship, and represents an innovative and conscious fusion in the world of design.

                 Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 7.49.08 AMThis approach fuses three different visions, that of Inés, Virginia and Mercedes, creating a unique decorative style that blends tradition and classic style with a more contemporary and dynamic touch.

The intention is to convey not only a lifestyle, but also a range of sensations and experiences that reflect their personal preferences and values.



The IQ Collection, a fashion brand born from the dreams of two visionary women, Inés Domecq and Virginia Pozo, encapsulates the fusion of Spain's northern and southern influences. Their designs reflect the essence of modernity intertwined with tradition, emphasizing timelessness, elegance, and quality in every piece.

The IQ Home Collection, an extension of their success, embodies sustainability and craftsmanship in the realm of home decor. This innovative brand amalgamates tradition and classic styles with a contemporary, dynamic touch, curated by Inés, Virginia, and Mercedes.

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Given The IQ Collection's positive experiences and the platform's efficiency in meeting their high standards, they extended their partnership with iF Returns to their new venture, The IQ Home Collection. By selecting iF Returns for their returns and exchanges, The IQ Home Collection aims to replicate the exceptional customer experience enjoyed by The IQ Collection's patrons. This strategic move signifies The IQ Collection's confidence in iF Returns' capability to provide exceptional post-sales services for their customers across both their fashion and home decor lines.


The IQ Collection and The IQ Home Collection's dedication to merging modernity with tradition, elegance, and quality resonates in their creations. Their commitment to excellence extends to post-sales services, where the integration of iF Returns' portal has yielded an exceptional 8.5 customer satisfaction rating. This partnership underscores the brands' commitment to customer satisfaction, positioning them as leaders in the fashion and home decor industries.

This success story demonstrates how iF Returns' automated portal plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining post-sales services for brands, leading to sustained growth and customer loyalty.