A Spanish fashion icon renowned for its diverse product lines including Fiesta, Casualwear, Bridal, Homewear, Headpieces and Accessories.

                 LOGO_NUEVO_BLACK_290x@2x-1Cherubina, born in Seville, has been dressing guests since 2003 with its timeless headdresses and retro-inspired garments. Renowned for its quality and professionalism, the brand has positioned itself in a market that traditionally sought the conventional, evolving towards a new paradigm of event attire.



  • The Challenge


    Since 2003, Ana García and her team have dedicated themselves to crafting excellence in each piece leaving the millinery workshop. Exclusive molds, premium materials, and expert craftsmanship have ensured Cherubina's headdresses remain a cornerstone of the brand for the past 20 years, acknowledged across both the national and international fashion landscape. At some point, handling return requests became overwhelming.

    The sudden surge in returns disrupted their inventory management and affected operational efficiency. Cherubina found itself grappling with a laborious process that consumed time, resources, and impacted customer satisfaction.

  • Our Approach

    Recognizing the pressing demand for more efficient return processes, Cherubina embarked on a quest to address these challenges. In conversations aimed at understanding the intricacies and unique needs of the brand, iF returns emerged as the solution. With a precise understanding of Cherubina's intricate requirements, iF Returns provided a customized, automated system. This tailored solution was meticulously crafted to streamline and enhance Cherubina's return processes.

    Through seamless integration with iF Returns, Cherubina gained access to a sophisticated digital platform. This empowered the brand to swiftly initiate and manage return requests, transforming a once cumbersome task into an effortless endeavor. As a result, Cherubina not only experienced a significant reduction in manual workload but also witnessed an upsurge in customer satisfaction rates, fostering greater loyalty and retention among its clientele.

  • The Impact

    For brands like Cherubina, optimizing internal workflows is crucial. Handling of returns strains resources and leads to operational inefficiencies. Through collaboration with iF Returns, Cherubina successfully addressed the challenges posed by return processes. Integrating iF Returns not only expedited return processing but also refined Cherubina's operations, enabling them to allocate resources efficiently and focus on core business tasks.


    This partnership revolutionized Cherubina's approach to handling returns, providing a more efficient, time-saving, and customer-focused solution. This not only accelerated return and refund processing but also streamlined logistical complexities.