The Indian Face

More than 15 years ago, The Indian Face entered the fashion industry. Since then, they've been delivering high-quality products to athletes, adventurers, and all those who wish to embrace their way of life.

                 descargaThe Indian Face is more than just an accessories brand; it's much more than that. It's action, adrenaline, style, sports, vitality, and self-improvement. They've been going strong for over 15 years, and their passion for constant improvement drives them to keep daring with collections designed exclusively for you.



  • The Challenge


    As The Indian Face continues expanding its market presence, the logistical management of returns and exchanges has emerged as a significant challenge. One of the primary concerns was ensuring comprehensive and satisfactory customer service regarding the carriers used for these operations.

    The significance of post-sales service rose as the brand searched further into the digital era, where customer experience becomes a crucial differentiator.

  • Our Approach

    At iF returns, we understood the importance of The Indian Face aiming to provide exceptional post-sales service while streamlining their processes. Our solution focused on simplifying returns and exchanges, prioritizing user convenience by fully digitizing this process. We recognized the need to offer a easy-goiong experience, enabling customers to self-service exchanges without depending on customer service interactions to guide them. This strategy not only eased the flow of returns but also maintained a focus on revenue retention for The Indian Face.

    Our priority has always been process optimization, strengthening post-sales service, and revenue retention for The Indian Face through an efficient and seamless user experience.

  • The Impact

    The implementation of If Returns' portal at The Indian Face has centered on encouraging exchanges instead of direct returns, resulting in a direct impact on revenue retention. Our platform is designed to optimize processes and prevent unnecessary returns, actively promoting product exchanges. With this strategic approach, The Indian Face has achieved a weekly revenue retention of up to 58%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our solution.

    The collaboration between If Returns and The Indian Face underscores our dedication to revenue retention and continual service enhancement. Our portal has enabled The Indian Face to address return challenges more effectively, encouraging product exchanges and ensuring a more satisfying and profitable purchasing experience for the brand and its customers.

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    The Indian Face appreciates how iF returns has strived to tackle any challenge, working closely together to provide customers with a better experience for exchanges and returns, alongside our commitment to sustainability, this collaboration avoids the brand from compromising its values.